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White Fang

White Fang
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Welcome to the White Fang guide at TV Tome. Jack London's classic White Fang is well-known, one of the world's great adventure stories. White Fang is now expanded into a compelling, contemporary action-adventure series for the whole family. Timeless stories of a magnificent wolf-dog born wild and free, who is transformed to an amazing dog capable of uncompromising loyalty, devotion and great bravery, and the teenage boy who loves him. The truly incredible relationship between Matt Scott and White Fang occurs at the intersection of civilization and the wilderness. Set in the 1990's against the backdrop of the breathtaking Rockies it tells the story of Matt's family, fresh from the city, struggling to adjust to rural life and its challenges. Tales which possess a certain wisdom, a detectable grace and a definable nobility for all are present in this boy and his dog. (Synopsis from Alliance Atlantis pressbook)


David Mcilwraith
Denise Virieux
Ezra Woods
Jaimz Woolvett
Karl Urban
Ken Blackburn
Kevin Atkinson
Lee Grant


Action And Adventure

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