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Waiting for God

Waiting for God
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When Tom Ballard moves to Bayview Retirement Vilage, he meets Diana Trent, a fiesty old woman who complains about everything and wants nothing more than just to die. Much to the dislike of Harvey Baines, the head of the home, the two form a friendship and eventually a romance, helping each other out of tight situations. Tom's son, Geoffrey, and daughter-in-law, Marion (whom Tom doesn't particularly like) are constantly stopping in and Jane, a worker at the home, is Diana's worst nightmare being constantly cheerful. Together, though, Tom and Diana make it together while they are waiting for God.


Andrew Tourell
Daniel Hill
Dawn Hope
Graham Crowden
Janine Duvitski
Lucy Aston
Michael Bilton
Michael Bilton
Sandra Payne
Stephanie Cole



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