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Shadow Force

Shadow Force
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Unconventional warfare tactics have been around since the beginning of war itself. Small units, who have mastered the art of deception, and special techniques, have historically prevailed against overwhelming odds. The SHADOW FORCE team is the latest in this long tradition of special warriors. Their knowledge and understanding of this art, as well advance surveillance techniques and their military know how, gives them the edge to bring down bands of criminal operations. To succeed, they must also possess broad and in-depth knowledge about the history, government and customs of the countries they are operating in. The "Shadwdow Force" team is made up of five experts, all with distinct skill sets that make them uniquely qualified to carry out these dangerous missions: Bob Parr – The Shadow Force team leader is a counter-terrorism consultant and former member of the United Kingdom Special Forces and onetime Royal Marines Commando. sLiM – A former U.S. Special Forces member as well as Army Ranger, sLiM is the technical/tactical specialist of the team. Cobus Claassens – A Marine and Naval specialist, and former South African Special Forces, he is an expert in the West Africa region with 20 years of experience. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Blood Diamond was inspired by Claassens. Laura Engelbrecht – A diplomatic and Central African specialist, she was a U.S. State Department operations specialist and U.S. Embassy Political Attaché in the Congo. Ralph – A tracking and electronics expert and Rhidian Bridge, is a naval specialist who joins the team on specific missions. The team uses hard work and street smarts to take down bands of criminals, at times without any weapons, often when outnumbered, and always at their peril. At great odds stacked against them, the team makes a critical difference while facing desperate problems with potentially deadly consequences.


Action And Adventure

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