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Red Rock

Red Rock
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Starting on the day a long, dormant feud between two local families is brutally reignited, this continuing drama is based around a busy Dublin Garda station. On one side, the Hennessys, a local dynasty, whose name is above half the businesses in town. On the other side, the Kielys, who have turned petty crime into a cottage industry. Charting the life and dramas of a community about to be enveloped by a feud, through the eyes of those who police it, each episode will be a mix of 'crime of the week' stories and on-going serial arcs, following principle characters in both their professional and personal lives. A powerful and moving drama, Red Rock is a contemporary western, set in the shadow of Ireland's 'gold rush'.


Adam Weafer
Andrea Irvine
Ann Skelly
Anthony Brophy
Boyko Krastanov
Cathy Belton
David Crowley
Denise Mccormack
India Mullen
Jack Nolan
Jane Mcgrath
Pandora Mccormick
Patrick Ryan
Paul Roe
Richard Flood
Róisín O'Donovan
Sean Mahon
Stephen Cromwell



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