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Monster Rancher

Monster Rancher
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Monster Rancher is about a kid named Genki who gets sucked into his favorite videogame. There he meets Moochi, Holly, Suezo, Tiger, Golem and Hare, together they go on a journey find the Phoenix and stop Moo's diabolical plan. While Monster Rancher has a 3rd season, it will NOT be airing here in the U.S. Characters Genki: An 11 year-old corageous, athletic, but not too bright kid that was sucked into his video game. Holly: A girl that lost her father at a young age. Holly was born and raised in Monster World, and likes things to be peaceful so she wants to find the Phoenix to return the peace. Suezo: Holly's childhood companion monster. He goes with her on all her adventures to keep her safe. Golem: Once a protector of disks, Golem now travels with the group in search of the Phoenix. He might look big and mean but he really is a softy in the inside. Hare: Once a medal


Chisa Yokoyama
Daiki Nakamura
Hiromi Tsuru
Hiroyuki Yokoo
Jūrōta Kosugi
Kaneto Shiozawa
Kazuki Yao
Kazuya Kobayashi
Keiko Han
Ken'yû Horiuchi
Kotono Mitsuishi
Mariko Kōda
Miki Nagasawa
Naoya Uchida
Nozomu Sasaki
Ryō Naitō
Tsutomu Kashiwakura
Wataru Takagi
Wataru Takagi
Yuri Shiratori



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