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Hiiro no Kakera: The Tamayori Princess Saga

Hiiro no Kakera: The Tamayori Princess Saga
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The protagonist is a teenage girl (Tamaki) who revisits a small village, she remembers from her childhood and gets caught up in her family's history and supernatural dangers surrounding it. While walking along the hillsides waiting for the person who her grandmother sent to fetch Tamaki to the village, Tamaki comes across a small, white round object with sticks for limbs and talks. It runs off soon after, with Tamaki chasing after it. Soon Tamaki finds herself in a place where ‘it doesn’t feel like the world I came from’. She gets attacked by three slime creatures, and a male comes charging in to save her - by clamping his hands around her body and mouth and telling her to be quiet.


Daisuke Hirakawa
Daisuke Namikawa
Hiroki Shimowada
Kazunori Nomiya
Kôsuke Okano
Marie Miyake
Tomokazu Sugita



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