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Best Week Ever

Best Week Ever
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For a half-hour, each week, this VH1 television show makes absolute fun of the week's current events and pop culture. The producers use news, music video, television and film clips, and fly them through the air to provide ample evidence of how silly celebrities, politicians, sport figures, and others caught in the news spotlight, can behave at times. The VH1 panelists and the weekly guest stars (that include actors, comedians, radio DJ's, musicians, athletes, and writers) opine with amusing, droll, sarcastic, intelligent, whimsical, but never, never boring observations. "Why be book smart?"


Christian Finnegan
Chuck Nice
John Aboud
Judah Friedlander
Melissa Rauch
Michael Colton
Miss Info
Patton Oswalt
Paul F. Tompkins
Rachael Harris


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