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Allegra's Window

Allegra's Window
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Allegra's Window is about a puppet in pre-school that teaches her family and friends about life as a pre-schooler. CHARACTERS<br> Allegra - A 3-year old girl who's the main character of Allegra's Window.<br> Rondo - Allegra's older brother who Allegra sometimes has to help out.<br> Lindi - Allegra's puppy and best friend. She acts a lot like a human, too!<br> Reed - Another one of Allegra's friends that she invites over to her house often. Theme Song<br> Allegra: There's a great big world outside.<br> Voices: Allegra's window.<br> Allegra: Never know until you try.<br> Voices: Allegra's window.<br> Allegra: There's so much I want to know so much to see and do. And I learn so much by looking through.<br> Voices: Allegra's window.<br> Allegra: You come too.<br> Voices: Allegra's window.<br> Allegra: Peekaboo!<br> Voices: We're always learning something new.<br> All: And you're invited by guess who!<br> Allegra: Me, Allegra!<br>


Anthony Asbury
Kathryn Mullen
Martin P. Robinson
Pam Arciero
Tessa Ludwick
Tim Lagasse



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