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Black Heart

Black Heart
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Not Rated


2 Minutes


Years ago, where he was responsible for the loss of media mogul who Yamaner Mahir Emre, inconceivable against Yamaner family will enter into games; all sorts of ways to count the permissible Eve journey will be included as well. Her parents died years ago, ECA, lives with his brother in the house of her aunt. Psychology graduate of the Ece's business with the sole purpose to find a hospital to take a simple life with his brother Ada'yl ... But things will not go as he wants; It will be rocked with the news. Brother Island, in the grip of a deadly disease and the only way out Emre for the survival of the little girl. Bureaucracy and they form the most important figures in the community life, Yamaner family holding power in their hands thanks to blackmail files will be faced with the plan appears no flaws Emre this time. Emre, the island ' Ece for the survival presents a shocking proposal. Cornered ago repudiated by the ECA to recover from the death of his brother helplessly then we will accept this offer. In an adventure that ECE hope, open your eyes in the mansion of Yamaner. Emre Ece will be sent with your hands to the mansion of Yamaner. But over time it will understand that love is actually a trap Ece nest of vipers will not last very long. ECE, which will also love the taste of hatred, to break into the games one by one will do his best.


Ahmet Dizdaroğlu
Barış Kılıç
Kenan Bal
Ozan Dolunay



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