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The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure

The Land Before Time II: Th...

Littlefoot and his pals are back in this sequel to animator Don Bluth's opus about warm and caring dinosaurs. Now living in the Great Valley, the pint-size reptiles spot a pair of egg thieves from a secret hideaway they've made. Eager to prove themselves, the dinos track down the missing eggs. But in the process, they open up their valley to evil outsiders and Littlefoot ends up lost in the frightening Great Beyond.

The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving

The Land Before Time III: T...

Uh-oh! Trouble comes to the Great Valley in the form of a crashed meteorite that now blocks the main water supply. As the land dries up and the animals begin to go thirsty, the different dinosaurs who once coexisted peacefully become contentious. When bigotry and bickering increase, Littlefoot and his gang decide that it's up to them to save the day -- but first, they must face down Tyrannosauruses and other carnivores.

The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists

The Land Before Time IV: Jo...

Littlefoot and the gang meet a shy newcomer, Ali, but the pleasantries stop there. There's a dire environmental theme to this third sequel in the series, in which the world's weather changes beyond the Great Valley, and what had been dry land is now a "land of mists." The shift brings new creatures who push out older inhabitants, and Littlefoot sees these radical changes for himself when he has to venture into the area to ...