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Yves Saint Laurent

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101 Minutes


Paris, 1957. Yves Saint Laurent, aged merely 21, had been unexpectedly called upon to oversee the great fashion house established by the recently deceased Christian Dior. All eyes turned to this very young assistant as he presents his first haute couture collection for Dior. During the highly successful and ground-breaking show, Yves Saint Laurent met Pierre Bergé future love of his life and lifelong business partner. Three years later, they created the Yves Saint Laurent Company, which became one of the most famous brands in fashion and luxury. Despite his own doubts and demons, Yves Saint Laurent, fostered by Pierre Bergé, managed to turn the sleepy world of fashion upside down.


Adeline D'Hermy
Alexandre Steiger
Astrid Whettnall
Charlotte Lebon
Guillaume Gallienne
Jean-Édouard Bodziak
Laura Smet
Marianne Basler
Marie De Villepin
Michèle Garcia
Nikolai Kinski
Olivier Pajot
Patrice Thibaud
Pierre Niney
Ruben Alves
Xavier Lafitte



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