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Yukon Flight

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57 Minutes


A man is strapped in a plane about to crash in the thrilling opening of this film in the Renfrew of the Royal Mounted series. Sgt. Renfrew (Nevill) and Constable Kelly (O'Brien) are brought in to investigate the crash, which they believe is murder when they find the plane was sabotaged. Then, gold mine owner Louise Howard reports that her mine supervisor has gone missing, and Renfrew soon finds him, also dead in an apparent "accident." Renfrew suspects that Yuke, the airline manager, and Raymond, the airline?s secret owner, have been stealing part of the gold they transport, and the two murdered men had found out about the scheme. A trap is set to catch Yuke and Raymond, but they manage to escape by plane, leading to an exciting plane chase conclusion!


Bob Terry
Dave O'Brien
Earl Douglas
Eddie Fetherston
Ernie Adams
George Humbert
Jack Clifford
Jack Rutherford
James Newill
Karl Hackett
Louise Stanley
Roy Barcroft
Warren Hull
William Pawley



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