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Young People

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79 Minutes


"Over the hill" at the tender age of 12, Shirley Temple closed out her 20th Century-Fox contract with the musical seriocomedy Young People. After years of trodding the boards in vaudeville, Wendy Ballantine (Temple) and her adoptive parents Joe (Jack Oakie) and Kit (Charlotte Greenwood retire) to a small town so that the youngster can receive a proper upbringing. Alas, the town is full of Babbitt-like bigots who disapprove of "show people", and who make no secret of their desire that Wendy and her family leave town immediately. But when a dangerous storm arises, the courage of Wendy, Joe and Kit-coupled with their rescue of several stranded children-forces the townsfolk to realign their thinking and welcome the family into their fold.


Al Herman
Alice Armand
Almeda Fowler
Arleen Whelan
Arthur Aylesworth
Billy Wayne
Charles Halton
Charles Tannen
Charlotte Greenwood
Darryl Hickman
Dell Henderson
Diane Fisher
Dorothy Vernon
Ernie Alexander
Evelyn Beresford
Fern Emmett
Frank Sully
Frank Swann
George Montgomery
Harry Seymour
Harry Tyler
Irving Bacon
Iva Stewart
Jack Oakie
James Ford
Jimmie Lucas
Kathleen Howard
Kathryn Sheldon
Lafe Mckee
Larry Steers
Lew Kelly
Mae Marsh
Mary Gordon
Minor Watson
Nora Cecil
Olin Howland
Paul E. Burns
Robert J. Anderson
Ruth Warren
Sarah Edwards
Shirley Mills
Shirley Temple
Syd Saylor
Ted North
Walter Soderling



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