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Young Dynamite

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A young, newly-appointed rookie state trooper, John Shields, is celebrating with his sister Jane, his younger brother Freddie and Tom Marlin, Jane's fiancé and also a trooper, when they hear over the radio that two bandits have just killed a lawyer and his watchman. John and Tom set out in their patrol cars in hopes of capturing the killers, followed by Freddie who hopes some day to qualify as a trooper. Freddie encounters the two two bandits, Spike Doland and Butch and manages to get away with the bag of gold they had stolen. While chasing Freddie they are recognized by John who they kill when he tries to arrest them. Freddie then takes matters into his own hands in seeking to capture the killers of his brother.


Carleton Young
Charlotte Henry
David Sharpe
Earl Dwire
Frank Austin
Frank Sarasino
Frankie Darro
Kane Richmond
Pat Gleason
Willy Castello



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