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Wu Dang

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98 Minutes


In the early days of Republican China, an American man - greedy for gold and hungry for riches - brings his daughter, a prodigy in martial arts, to compete for a championship title in kung fu combat, while planning to find and steal the riches for himself. It won't be easy. Fierce competition, dedicated protectors, and unexpected romance block the path to the Wu Dang fortune, and when the true nature of the prize is discovered - everything you know about martial arts will change forever. Starring Vincent Zhao, Dennis To, and Louis Fan, and featuring action choreography by Corey Yuen (THE TRANSPORTER), WU DANG is a high-flying, fresh look at the wire-fighting martial arts epics of the past, with a new twist: WU DANG is the first film to examine the art of Wu Dang Kung Fu, and the mysticism of Ying Yang.


Dennis To Yue-Hong
Fan Siu Wong
Henry Fong Ping
Mini Yang
Pau Hei-Ching
Shaun Tam Chun-Yin
Vincent Zhao Wen-Zhuo
Xu Jiao



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