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Wrangler's Roost

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57 Minutes


The Range Busters made up of Crash (Corrigan), Dusty (King), and Alibi (Terhune) are on the trail of a bandit masquerading as the lengendary nortorious bandit Black Bart, who is now a respected citizen and long retired. The trio concocts a plan to reveal the imposters identity in a climatic poker game. The original Bart makes an appearance at the end as a kindly pastor who helps cure a drunk.


Al Haskell
Bob Card
Buck Moulton
Carl Mathews
Chick Hannan
Emma Tansey
Forrest Taylor
Frank Ellis
Frank Mccarroll
George Chesebro
George Morrell
Gwen Gaze
Hank Bell
Herman Hack
Horace B. Carpenter
Jack Evans
Jack Holmes
Jim Corey
John 'Dusty' King
Lillian Lawrence
Max Terhune
Ray Corrigan
Ray Jones
Roy Bucko
Silver Tip Baker
Tex Cooper
Tex Palmer
Tex Phelps
Walter Shumway



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