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Winter Kills

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97 Minutes


19 years after President Timothy Keegan was assassinated, his brother Nick discovers a dying man claiming to have been the gunman. While trying to avoid his wealthy and domineering father's attempts to control his actions, Nick follows the clues that have been handed to him. As he progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to discern the real trails from the dead ends, and increasing dangerous as unknown parties try to stop Nick from uncovering the truth.


Anthony Perkins
Belinda Bauer
Berry Berenson
Brad Dexter
Camilla Sparv
Candice Rialson
David Spielberg
Dorothy Malone
Eli Wallach
Elizabeth Taylor
Erin Gray
Gianni Russo
Jeff Bridges
Joe Spinell
John Huston
Ralph Meeker
Richard Boone
Sterling Hayden
Tisa Farrow
Tomás Milián
Toshirō Mifune



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