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Wild Roomies

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88 Minutes


Reno inherited a gorgeous-but mortgaged, house in Hollywood from his uncle, he and his girlfriend Holly are going to need some help to pay the bills. Reluctantly, the two begin the search for roommates. After a disastrous series of interviews, they finally find themselves living with Chad, a charismatic womanizer who's got an eye for Holly, and Nicole, a blonde bombshell who can't keep herself from flirting with Reno. Naturally, Reno is worried that both his new roommates, Chad and Nicole, want to sleep with Holly. Reno must fend off their advances while keeping his own secret desires for the lusty Nicole in check. As sexual tensions mount, it's anyone's guess who'll come out on top...or the bottom!


A. J. Buckley
Adam Wylie
Andrew Shaifer
Chris Jacobs
Crystal Lett
David Wheir
Holly Fields
Jennifer Lyons
Joel Michaely
Michelle Brookhurst
Miranda Bailey
Shelly Kurtz
William Bassett
William Zabka



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