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Who's Your Daddy

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105 Minutes


Chris Hughes, an awkward high school student struggling to be popular, suddenly finds himself the unwitting heir and appointed mogul of a vast, multimillion-dollar adult entertainment media empire left to him by the biological parents he never knew. Chaos, intrigue and excitement follow in this madcap coming of age comedy as Chris, tempted by gorgeous women, fortune and fame, works to figure out where he fits in and what really matters in life. Hysterically funny with a terrific soundtrack, this film strikes chords that will resonate with anyone who has experienced the trials and tribulations of high school.


Alec Mapa
Ali Landry
Allison Mccurdy
Andrew Leeds
Andrew Shaifer
Azalea Davila
Brandon Davis
Brandon Jack James
Carrie Stevens
Charlie Talbert
Christine Lakin
Colleen Camp
Dave Thomas
Elisha Choice
Harry S. Murphy
Ileanna Simancas
Jolie Jenkins
Josh Jacobson
Justin Berfield
Kadeem Hardison
Kevin Murphy
Leslie Appleyard
Lin Shaye
Marnette Patterson
Martin Starr
Natasha Diakova
Pamela Paulshock
Patsy Kensit
Robert Ri'chard
Robert Torti
Ryan Bittle
Sarena Mobley
Shera Danese
Tanisha Williams
Tara Boger
Wayne Newton
William Atherton



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