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When Will I Be Loved?

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81 Minutes


Vera (Neve Campbell) is the debutante girlfriend of fast-talking hustler Ford (Frederick Weller), who is on the verge of making millions through a big-money gambling venture in this film directed by James Toback. Feeling undervalued, Vera explores her sexuality through whatever means she can think of, including explicit discussions with potential employers, picking up random men, and taping steamy trysts with her female lover. When Ford proposes that Vera spend the night with Italian media mogul Count Tommaso (Dominc Chianese), who is willing to put up 100,000 dollars for the occasion, Vera concocts a scheme to show both men what her true worth really is. Lake Placid Film Forum scooped official Toronto world premiere.


Alex Feldman
Cara Hamill
Dominic Chianese
Frederick Weller
James Toback
Jean-Pierre Vertus
Joelle Carter
Karen Allen
Lori Singer
Mike Tyson
Neve Campbell



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