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What Would Jesus Do?

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94 Minutes


It is 2005 in Raymond California, a thriving town that is a cross section of suburban America. Reverend HENRY MAXWELL, Raymond's local pastor, prepares to take his family on a fishing trip upstate. As they drive to the campgrounds, a tragic car accident takes place, killing Henry's pregnant wife and young son. The story moves to present day where we find the town of Raymond has hit on hard times. The once prosperous town is now a shadow of it's former self. Enter ALEX YORK, an ambitious politician who wants to bring a casino to town to turn the fortunes of Raymond around. He will stop at nothing and has set his sites on the perfect place to build his casino, the grounds of Henry Maxwell's church. York approaches the wealthy real estate tycoons in town to finance his casino. Things change when a DRIFTER comes to town. Impassioned by the Drifter's pleas for the poor and downtrodden, Henry and five influential parishioners set out to make a difference. Each has resolved to conduct his life according to the precepts of Christ, applying His behavior to their own lives. Will Henry and the others, simply by their own sacrifice and example, help change the minds of other townsfolk? Can they get everyone to band together and fight off the temptation of money and the easy path? WWJD is a feature film based on one of the best selling novels of all time, "In His Steps - What would Jesus Do?" by Charles Sheldon. The book currently sells an average of 100,000 copies per year and is available in 26 languages around the world. It is so popular that it has never gone out of print. Over 40 Million copies have been sold, making it the second best-selling Christian book of all time, behind only the Bible itself.


Adam Gregory
Adam Gregory
Jim Gleason
John Schneider
Joni Bovill
Kirk Bovill
Mark Arnold
Maxine Bahns
Mimi Cozzens



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