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What the Fish

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98 Minutes


Sudha Mishra (Dimple Kapadia), a 67 years old, divorced woman that leaves the responsibility for taking care of her house to Sumit (Sumit Suri), her niece's fiancee. The most important instruction given to Sumit was to "Feed The Fish & Water The Plants". His very acceptance into the family was dependent on this instruction. When she returns a month later to her Vasant Kunj house, everything seems to be in order till she opens the bedroom door and a woman wearing white, wailing loudly. To figure out how this witch woman ended up in her bedroom, a recap of the madcap events occur, beginning 30 days ago. We follow the story as the house changes hands from Sumit's fiancee to an eloping couple named Nirav (Anand Tiwari) and Gopa (Deepti Pujaari), to Ravi (Manu Rishi), a scoundrel property broker's hands as he seduces Gopa away from his unsuspecting friend Nirav. From Ravi, the house is taken over by a Haryanvi Jaat named Rajpal (Vishal Sharma) who turns out to be a cross dressing Kathak Dancer. Bizarrely the house then lands in to the hands of a tribal family from Mizoram. What transpired in those thirty days, does Sudha Mishra ever find out and what is the mystery of the witch woman are the questions that we are left with.



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