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104 Minutes


When a group of teenage social misfits befriends jaded journalist Campbell Babbitt (Coogan), who's on assignment in their small New Hampshire town, they each find themselves searching for meaning and truth in their crazy, mixed-up lives. But as Babbitt gets to know these eccentric kids better--Lucy (Duff) in particular--their hidden secrets begin to rise to the surface, changing each other's lives forever.


Aiden Lane Robson
Alexia Fast
Andrea Brooks
Andrew Wheeler
Aubrey Mozino
Barbara Greenbaum
Brett Kelly
Colleen Rennison
David Sochet
Gabrielle Rose
Hilary Duff
Ingrid Nilson
Jilena Cori
Josh Peck
Kendra Sue Waldman
Laura Carswell
Levi Sochet
Max Hoffman
Molly Price
Molly Shannon
Olivia Thirlby
Robin Eder-Warren
Sarah Lind
Steve Coogan



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