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What Doesn't Kill You

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"What Doesn't Kill You" stars Mark Ruffalo (Brian) and Academy® Award winner Ethan Hawke (Paulie) as friends who grew up like brothers on the gritty streets of south Boston. They do whatever it takes to survive, living by the code of their dog-eat-dog neighborhood. Petty crimes and misdemeanors grow into more serious offenses and eventually, they fall under sway to organized crime boss Pat Kelly (played by Goodman). As Brian becomes increasingly lost in a haze of drugs and 'jobs,' even the love he has for his wife (Amanda Peet) and his children does not seem like it will be enough to redeem him. Meanwhile, Paulie plans "one last heist" but knows it will take both of them to pull it off. How can they escape the only life they know?


Amanda Peet
Angela Featherstone
Brian Goodman
Donnie Wahlberg
Edward Lynch
Ethan Hawke
Johnny Serret
Mark Ruffalo
Will Lyman



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