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West of the Badlands

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58 Minutes


Wanted by the law in New York, Dr. Steve Kells heads west and arrives in an area controlled by an outlaw gang known as the Border Legion. When the gang's boss is wounded, they kidnap Kells and force him to remove the bullet. Not allowed to leave and being a wanted man, he joins the gang. Now wanted as a gang member also, he nevertheless plans a raid that will lead the entire gang into a trap.


Art Dillard
Art Mix
Bob Card
Bob Woodward
Cactus Mack
Carol Hughes
Chick Hannan
Chuck Baldra
Curley Dresden
Dick Wessel
Ed Brady
Eddie Acuff
Edward Peil Sr.
Fred Burns
George 'Gabby' Hayes
Hal Taliaferro
Henry Wills
Jack Kirk
Jack Montgomery
Jay Novello
Joe Sawyer
Joel Friedkin
Leo J. Mcmahon
Lew Kelly
Maude Eburne
Monte Montague
Pascale Perry
Paul Porcasi
Post Park
Robert Emmett Keane
Roy Rogers
Spade Cooley
Ted Mapes
Victor Cox



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