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86 Minutes


A group of sad sacks living in a rundown neighborhood in Cleveland all have one thing in common - they need money, and aren't especially fussy about how they get it. These five hapless misfits band together to try and pull off the greatest job they've ever heard of with the help of a safe-cracker confined to a wheelchair. When their plans go awry, this army of eccentrics find themselves gaining more then they lose. With an all-star cast, including Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominee and Emmy-winner William H. Macy ("Sahara," "Seabiscuit"), Academy Award and Golden Globe-winner George Clooney ("Good Night, And Good Luck"), Emmy winner Patricia Clarkson ("Pieces of April"), Emmy-winner Michael Jeter ("Jurassic Park III"), Isaiah Washington (TV's "Grey's Anatomy"), Sam Rockwell ("Charlie's Angels"), Luis Guzman ("Anger Management"), and Jennifer Esposito ("Crash"). Directed and written by Emmy-winners Anthony and Joe Russo and produced by George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh.


Andy Davoli
Gabrielle Union
George Clooney
Isaiah Washington
Jennifer Esposito
Luis Guzmán
Michael Jeter
Patricia Clarkson
Sam Rockwell
William H. Macy



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