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Waterloo Bridge

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108 Minutes


On the eve of World War II, a British officer revisits Waterloo Bridge and recalls the young man he was at the beginning of World War I and the young ballerina he met just before he left for the front. Myra stayed with him past curfew and is thrown out of the corps de ballet. She survives on the streets of London, falling even lower after she hears her true love has been killed in action. But he wasn't killed. Those terrible years were nothing more than a bad dream is Myra's hope after Roy finds her and takes her to his family's country estate.


Bill James
Bobby Hale
C. Aubrey Smith
Charles Irwin
Charles Mcnaughton
Clara Reid
Colin Campbell
Connie Emerald
Cyril Thornton
Dan Maxwell
David Cavendish
David Clyde
David Thursby
Denis Greene
Dick Gordon
Douglas Gordon
Douglas Wood
Edmund Mortimer
Eleanor Stewart
Elsie Prescott
Eric Lonsdale
Eric Wilton
Ethel Griffies
Florence Baker
Florine Mckinney
Frances Macinerney
Frank Dawson
Frank Mitchell
Frank Whitbeck
George Kirby
Gilbert Emery
Halliwell Hobbes
Harold Howard
Harry Allen
Harry Stubbs
Herbert Evans
James Carlisle
James May
Janet Shaw
Janet Waldo
Jean Prescott
Jimmy Aubrey
John Graham Spacey
John Power
Leda Nicova
Leo G. Carroll
Leonard Mudie
Lowden Adams
Lucile Watson
Margery Manning
Maria Ouspenskaya
Martha Wentworth
Norma Varden
Pat Welsh
Paul Scardon
Phyllis Barry
Rita Carlyle
Robert Taylor
Robert Winkler
Steffi Duna
Tempe Pigott
Tom Conway
Virginia Carroll
Virginia Field
Vivien Leigh
Walter Lawrence
Wilfred Lucas
Winifred Harris
Wyndham Standing



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