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Wallaby Jim of the Islands

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Wallaby Jim (Houston) and his tough crew of fisherman are always on the lookout for new pearl beds in the South Pacific, due to an excessive gambling debt incurred by their pearl broker, Norman. They finally discover the "mother lode" of pearls, and realize there are enough pearls to pay off the debt and set them up for life. However, trouble brews on the horizon when Wallaby's chief competitor, Adolf Richter, and his vicious indentured crew try to violently take over the operation and get the pearls for themselves. Fights, action, excitement, romance, and 4 songs sung by former cowboy crooner Houston make this an entertaining adventure film.


Chris-Pin Martin
Colin Campbell
Douglas Walton
Edward Gargan
George Houston
Juan Torena
Kenneth Harlan
Mamo Clark
Nick Thompson
Ruth Coleman
Syd Saylor
Warner Richmond
Wilhelm Von Brincken
Wilson Benge



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