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121 Minutes


At the height of WWII, a group of German officers hatched a plot to assassinate Hitler and seize control of the military command in order to end the war. The operation was code-named "Valkyrie", for the emergency plan that was meant to be used in case of a revolt against the Nazi government. This plan had been modified by the conspirators to ensure their success, but for various reasons the plot failed when finally carried out on 20 July 1944. The conspirators of the inner circle were shot after a kangaroo trial or sentenced to death soon after. Starring Tom Cruise as the Colonel who was the main force behind the conspiracy, the distinguished cast also includes Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Terence Stamp and Eddie Izzard. Directed by Bryan Singer.


Andy Gatjen
Bernard Hill
Bill Nighy
Carice Van Houten
Chris Larkin
Christian Berkel
Christopher Karl Hemeyer
Danny Webb
David Bamber
David Schofield
Eddie Izzard
Florian Panzner
Frank Christian Marx
Halina Reijn
Ian Mcneice
Jamie Parker
Julian Morris
Justus Kammerer
Karl Alexander Seidel
Kenneth Branagh
Kenneth Cranham
Kevin Mcnally
Manfred-Anton Algrang
Matthew Burton
Matthias Freihof
Matthias Schweighöfer
Philipp Von Schulthess
Terence Stamp
Thomas Kretschmann
Tim Williams
Tom Cruise
Tom Hollander
Tom Wilkinson
Werner Daehn



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