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Under Nevada Skies

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69 Minutes


Rodeo star Roy Rogers returns home to find that his old friend Tom Craig has been murdered after he was accused of stealing a family crest from Helen Williams (Evans). Helen joins up with Roy and Gabby Whittaker (Hayes) to find the killers and the crest. Arthur Courtney and his gang are behind the murder. Roy and Gabby find the crest hidden at the Craig ranch, but are quickly captured by the outlaws. Helen gathers together the Sons of the Pioneers, and Roy's local Indian friends to come to Roy and Gabby's rescue. An exciting film filled with action.


Dale Evans
Douglass Dumbrille
George 'Gabby' Hayes
George J. Lewis
George Lynn
Leroy Mason
Leyland Hodgson
Roy Rogers
Rudolph Anders
Tom Quinn
Tris Coffin



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