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Two Rabbits

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108 Minutes


Edgar is a young upper-middle class man, close to completing 30 years old, he lives a full life crisis and is in a position common to the vast majority of Brazilians. On the one hand the power, represented by a corrupt state, abusive and absent in their taxes before their obligations. On the other, crime increasingly organized violence became a constant in the lives of citizens in large cities. Edgar responds to all this as a modern vigilante. With the help of ingredients such as technology, counter-information and manipulation, Edgar concocts a brilliant plan, using the greed of their opponents as the reason for its destruction. As the plot unfolds, we know more about the dark past of each character as Edgar fit the pieces together in an intriguing puzzle that makes up the film's plot.


Aldine Muller
Alessandra Negrini
Caco Ciocler
Carlos De Niggro
Charles Paraventi
Djair Guilherme
Fernando Alves Pinto
Marat Descartes
Neco Villa Lobos
Ricardo Oshiro
Roberto Marchese



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