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Transmorphers: Fall of Man

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90 Minutes


In this present day prequel, the robot invaders attack the Earth, forcing a small band of humans to seek refuge below the surface of the planet. The invasion begins subtly and quietly as man-made machines across the planet begin to instantly transmorph into deadly attack drones. The attacks, at first, go unnoticed. But, not under the eyes of Dr. Jo summers (Jennifer Rubin) who suspects what the governments of the world already know…our planet will soon end as we know it. The incident brings Sheriff Hadley Ryan (Bruce Boxlietner) to the scene. Miles away, Jake Van Ryberg (Shane Van Dyke), a former marine with a troubled past, is awoken to the nightmare when a satellite dish transforms into one of the robots and attacks. With Madison Ryan (Alana DiMaria), his long-time love interest, they escape and soon join forces with Hadley and Jo. Heroes are born, love is found…and the first of many battles is won in a war that will last for centuries against a far more advanced race of beings.


Alana Dimaria
Bruce Boxleitner
Debra Harrison-Lowe
Farid Pourghadiri
Iona Thonger
Jennifer Rubin
Shane Van Dyke
Silvy Kas



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