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Too Late For Love

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86 Minutes


Feeling neglected by his own family, devoted father Joseph White (Morgan) starts a secret friendship with Alice Vaille (Barnes), who formerly worked for him. Joseph's kid's happen to see the pair together and assume the two are having an affair. The kids gather together and beg him to end the relationship. Alice then decides to come to Joseph's home herself to talk to his children, and reassures them that the friendship is completely platonic and scolds them for thinking so poorly of their father. The family reconciles and begins to appreciate each other more, and Alice decides to let the friendship go and move on with her life, leaving the family in peace. A moving family story.


Alan Hale
Binnie Barnes
Dick Winslow
Elizabeth Young
Frank Morgan
Helen Parrish
Lillian Leighton
Lois Wilson
Louise Latimer
Margaret Hamilton
Maurice Murphy
Robert Taylor
Walter Brennan



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