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Thunder And The House Of Magic

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85 Minutes


Seeking shelter from a storm, young and abandoned Thunder sneaks into a mysterious mansion owned by Lawrence, a retired magician. With all of Lawrence's animal friends, including Jack the Rabbit and Maggie the Mouse, and a dazzling array of automatons and gizmos, you'd think this fantastically strange house wouldn't have any vacancies. But as far as Lawrence is concerned, there's always room for one more! Just as Thunder begins to feel at home, trouble strikes when Lawrence ends up in the hospital and the magician's naughty nephew tries to trick him into selling the house. But Thunder and his newfound friends have a few tricks up their sleeves as they put aside their differences to defend their home with a delightfully spooky strategy. Filled with laughter and adventure, Thunder and The House of Magic is a wonderful tale that you and your little ones will love.


Doug Stone
Bill Parks
Brianne Siddall
Cinda Adams
Danny Mann
Edward Asner
Elisa Gabrielli
Ella Rouhier
Grant George
Grey Delisle
Isabella Tatone
Jeff Bennett
Jim Ward
Joe Ochman
Joey Camen
Keegan Thomas
Kyle Hebert
Lani Minella
Mona Marshall
Noah Ray Strauss
Robin Atkin Downes
Roxanne Reese
Sage Sommer
Shanelle Workman
Susanne Blakeslee



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