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Three Night Stand

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86 Minutes


In this romantic comedy with a twist, Carl (Sam Huntington, Veronica Mars, Fanboys) has a great life. He's recently married to the beautiful and smart Sue (Meaghan Rath, Cyberbully), and has a good job as a video game designer at a prestigious company. But Carl's not satisfied - he desperately wants a promotion, and more importantly, a marriage with greater excitement and inspiration. In an attempt to reconnect with Sue, Carl organizes a weekend trip to a ski lodge with high hopes for relaxation, exercise, and sexual adventure. But this isn't Carl's first trip to the B&B. He doesn't tell Sue he actually spent many passionate weekends at the very same place with his sexy ex-girlfriend Robyn (Emmanuelle Chriqui, Entourage) – a woman he is still secretly obsessed with. Carl and Sue's world is turned upside down when they arrive to find Robyn, still beautiful and enigmatic, running the lodge. Now Carl will have to face the greatest temptation of his life - the one who got away.


Aliocha Schneider
Anne-Marie Cadieux
Dan Beirne
Dan Haber
Emmanuelle Chriqui
James A. Woods
Jonathan Cherry
Matt Silver
Meaghan Rath
Reagan Pasternak
Sam Huntington



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