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Three ... Extremes

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125 Minutes


Three Asian masters of horror spin twisted tales in this terrifying trilogy. "Dumplings," follows an aging actress's obsession with recapturing her youth which leads to an unnatural diet; "Cut," shadows a movie extra with a grudge who torments a successful director; and in "Box," sibling rivalry and jealousy reach disturbing new heights.


Atsuro Watabe
Bai Ling
Dae-Yeon Lee
Gang Hye-Jeong
Jeongah Yeom
Kim Gyu Sik
Kim Gyu Sik
Kim Gyu-Sik
Kyōko Hasegawa
Kyoko Hasegawa
Lee Byung-Hun
Lim Won-Hie
Mai Suzuki
Mai Suzuki
Meme Tian
Miki Yeung
Miriam Yeung
Mitsuru Akaboshi
Park Gene-Woo
Pauline Lau
Tony Leung Ka-Fai
Wong Siu-Foon
Wong Sum-Yuen
Wu Wai-Man
Yuu Suzuki



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