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This Sporting Life

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134 Minutes


One of the finest British films ever made, this benchmark of “kitchen-sink realism” follows the self-defeating professional and romantic pursuits of a miner turned rugby player eking out an existence in drab Yorkshire. With an astonishing, raging performance by a young Richard Harris, an equally blistering turn by fellow Oscar nominee Rachel Roberts as the widow with whom he lodges, and electrifying direction by Lindsay Anderson, in his feature-film debut following years of documentary work, This Sporting Life remains a dramatic powerhouse.


Alan Badel
Andrew Nolan
Anne Cunningham
Anthony Woodruff
Arthur Lowe
Bernadette Benson
Colin Blakely
Frank Windsor
George Sewell
Harry Markham
Jack Watson
John Gill
Katherine Parr
Ken Traill
Leonard Rossiter
Michael Logan
Murray Evans
Peter Duguid
Rachel Roberts
Richard Harris
Tom Clegg
Tom Clegg
Tom Clegg
Vanda Godsell
Wallas Eaton
William Hartnell



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