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The Whistle Blower

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100 Minutes


WHISTLE BLOWER, THE - Frank's son, a linguist and translator for British Intelligence, falls from a roof and dies. The answers to his questions don't quite fit, and his probing plunges him into a world of espionage. Stars Michael Caine, James Fox. (CC)


Andy Bradford
Arturo Venegas
Barry Foster
Bill Wallis
Carmel Cryan
David Langton
David Shaughnessy
David Telfer
Dinah Stabb
Doyle Richmond
Felicity Dean
Gordon Jackson
Gregory Floy
James Fox
James Simmons
Joe Dunlop
John Gielgud
John Gill
Julian Battersby
Katherine Reeve
Kenneth Colley
Michael Caine
Nigel Havers
Patrick Holt
Peter Mackriel
Peter Miles
Peter Miles
Ralph Nossek
Renny Krupinski
Sevilla Delofski
Susan Porrett
Trevor Cooper



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