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The United States of Leland

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108 Minutes


The film begins with a flashback narrated by Leland P. Fitzgerald (Gosling), describing how he couldn't remember the details of the day that he killed a mentally retarded boy named Ryan Pollard (Michael Welch). Leland is arrested while the rest of the town reacts with shock to the senseless murder. Ryan's parents (Martin Donovan and Ann Magnuson), sisters Becky (Jena Malone) and Julie (Williams), as well as Julie's live-in boyfriend Allen (Klein) grieve the loss of their loved one. Leland's divorced mother (Lena Olin) is desperate to see her son, while his father, famous writer Albert Fitzgerald (Kevin Spacey), discovers his son's fate in a newspaper and returns home to be there for the trial.


Ann Magnuson
Chris Klein
Don Cheadle
Jena Malone
Kerry Washington
Kevin Spacey
Lena Olin
Martin Donovan
Martin Donovan
Matt Malloy
Michael Peña
Michael Welch
Michelle Williams
Ryan Gosling
Sherilyn Fenn
Wesley Jonathan



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