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The Suburbans

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81 Minutes


It's 1980 and The Suburbans seemed destined for superstardom after their first big hit. But they quickly faded like the many one-hit wonders before them. Eighteen years have passed and the band members have gone their own way. For nostalgia's sake, they perform at fellow band member Gil's (Will Ferrell) wedding to accolades from an enthusiastic crowd. Among the party guests is Cate (Jennifer Love Hewitt), an attractive music executive, who approaches the band about recording a tribute album and making a video. The guys jump at the chance to re-experience the fame and fortune of their earlier days. However, caught between childhood dreams and fears of being vinyl suited has-beens, The Suburbans may not be ready to recapture their past glory and survive the '80s revival.


Amy Brenneman
Antonio Fargas
Ben Stiller
Brian Chlebowski
Bridgette Wilson
Craig Bierko
Donal Lardner Ward
J.J. Abrams
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jerry Stiller
Perrey Reeves
Robert Loggia
Tony Guma
Will Ferrell
Willie Garson



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