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The Strongest Man in the World

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92 Minutes


The Strongest Man in the World is a 1975 film starring Kurt Russell as Dexter Riley, a student in the fictional Medfield College. A school laboratory accident mixes one student's vitamin cereal mix with Dexter Riley's chemical experiment. The students decide to dispose of the mess by giving it to their neighbor's cow, with unintended consequences: the cow begins producing an extraordinary amount of milk! When they try it out on themselves, they discover that the mixture gives any human superhuman strength for a few minutes. The school sees this as the thing needed to save their school from closure, but a competitor learn of this deal, and hires two criminals to stop it.This is the third and final film in a series of comedies, which depict the adventures of perpetual college student, Dexter Riley. It follows the 1972 film, "Now You See Him, Now You Don't," and the 1969 film, "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes."


Art Metrano
Arthur Space
Benson Fong
Bill Zuckert
Burt Mustin
Cesar Romero
David R. Ellis
Derrel Maury
Dick Patterson
Dick Van Patten
Eddie Quillan
Eve Arden
Fritz Feld
Harold Gould
James Gregory
Joe Flynn
John Debney
Kathleen Freeman
Kurt Russell
Larry Franco
Larry Gelman
Larry J. Blake
Larry J. Franco
Laurie Main
Lennie Weinrib
Mary Treen
Michael Mcgreevey
Milton Frome
Ned Wertimer
Phil Silvers
Raymond Bailey
Richard Bakalyan
Ronnie Schell
Roy Roberts
William Bakewell
William Schallert



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