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The Story of My Life

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85 Minutes


A top model with the IQ of Einstein, an illiterate soccer player, an aging and waning pop star... The best celebrity autobiographies are sure to have been ghost-written by Raphaël. He has a peerless talent for telling the story of people's lives, except his own. As he reluctantly gets to work on a new book by a soccer superstar, Raphaël discovers that his first love, Claire, is the player's latest girlfriend. Caught between the woman he loves and the one he loved - and all the hassle that involves - Raphaël flies into some pretty serious turbulence. A rip-roaring script and an infectiously joyous performance from Edouard Baer as Raphaël the charming and witty ghost-writer.


Alice Taglioni
Catherine Salviat
Christiane Bopp
Clovis Cornillac
David Marchal
Dimitri Rafalsky
Édouard Baer
Eric Berger
Florence D'Azémar
Jean Dell
Jean-Christophe Bouvet
Jean-Michel Lahmi
Judith El Zein
Marie-Josée Croze
Nuria Solé
Raphaël Fuchs-Willig
Suzanne Legrand
Valérie Moreau
Xavier Vilsek



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