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The Stool Pigeon

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113 Minutes


Senior Inspector Don Lee (Nick Cheung) relies heavily on the information provided by stool pigeons in his job. Barbarian (Lu Yi) is a painstakingly meticulous arms dealer. Lee needs an informant to infiltrate his gang and recruits street-racer, Guy (Nicholas Tse). Guy delivers, but Lee is unable to effectively act on the information until the final moment. Since Barbarian has not left any evidence, Lee is pressured to convince Guy to become a witness for the prosecution and promises him a new identity in another country. When Guy's life is put in harm's way, a disillusioned Lee is left wondering if his quest for justice is worth the price that often has to be paid.


Aki Lee
Cheung Kwok-Leung
Deep Ng
Derek Kwok Jing-Hung
Eric Chan Hoi-Yan
Jin Gang
Jing-Hung Kwok
Kwai Lun-Mei
Lau Kong
Lawrence Cheng
Lee Shing-Cheong
Liu Kai-Chi
Lu Yi
Miao Pu
Nicholas Tse
Nick Cheung
Philip Keung
Rob Lok
Roderick Lam
Selina Tsui
Sherman Chung
Shing-Cheung Lee
Siu-Bing Leung
Tony Ho
Tony Ho Wah-Chiu
Vincent Wan Yeung-Ming
Vivian Leung



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