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The Soloist

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109 Minutes


Academy Award®-nominee Robert Downey Jr. and Academy Award®-winner Jamie Foxx star in an extraordinary and inspiring true story of how a chance meeting can change a life. The Soloist tells the poignant and ultimately soaring tale of a Los Angeles newspaper reporter who discovers a brilliant and distracted street musician, with unsinkable passion, and the unique friendship and bond that transforms both their lives. The remarkable performances make for an unforgettable experience in what is hailed as "a courageous and uncompromising film" (Gene Shalit, Today).


Albert Olson
Alejandro Patino
Anna Levin
Annette Valley
Annie Mcknight
Artel Great
Bernadette Speakes
Bonita Jefferson
Bronwyn Hardy
Catherine Keener
Charlie Weirauch
Courtney Andre
Darryl Black St.
David Jean Thomas
Eshana O'Neal
Gladys Khan
Halbert Hernandez
Hazard Banner
Ilia Volok
Isabel Hubmann
Iyanna Newborn
J.J. Boone
Jacqueline Sue West
Jamie Foxx
Jena Malone
Joe Hernandez-Kolski
Joyre Manuel
Justin Martin
Karole Selmon
Kenneth Henry
Kevin Cohen
Kevin Michael Key
Kiana Parker
Kokayi Ampah
Lemon Andersen
Linda Harris
Lisa Gay Hamilton
Lorinda Hawkins
Lorraine Toussaint
Marcos De Silvas
Melissa Black
Michael Bunin
Mike Nowak
Moya Brady
Myia Hubbard
Nelsan Ellis
Nick Nervies
Noel Gugliemi
Octavia Spencer
Orlando Ashley
Palma Lawrence Reed
Patricia Place
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Tatten
Paul Cruz
Paul Norwood
Quiana Farrow
Rachael Harris
Ralph Cole Jr.
Rob Nagle
Robert Downey Jr.
Russell Brown
Stephen Root
Steve Foster
Susane Lee
Teri Hughes
Tom Hollander
Tony Genaro
Troy Blendell
Valarie Hudspeth
Vivian George
Wayne Lopez
Will Garret



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