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The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn

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85 Minutes


In the small Southern community of Twin Pines, GA lives Noah Dearborn (Sidney Poitier), a master craftsman and farmer who cherishes his solitude almost as much as the local townspeople cherish him, especially restaurant owner Sarah McClellan (Dianne Wiest). But when greedy real estate developers set their sights on Noah's land and he rejects their six-figure offer, this taciturn man is forced to summon all his strength in order to defend not only his property and way of life but also his sanity. From start to finish, this inspiring story of one man's struggle to preserve an uncomplicated existence in today's all-too-complicated world is a feast for the senses and a banquet for the soul.


Afemo Omilami
Alex Van
Bernie Casey
Charles Lawlor
Dianne Wiest
Donna Biscoe
Frances Bay
Frank Hoyt Taylor
George Newbern
James Thomas Lee Knight
John Bedford Lloyd
Libby Whittemore
Mary-Louise Parker
Roxzane T. Mims
Sharon Blackwood
Sidney Poitier
Terrence Gibney
Tommy Cresswell
Von Coulter



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