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The Selfish Giant

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91 Minutes


An official selection at the Cannes Film Festival, The Selfish Giant is a contemporary fable about 13 year old Arbor (Conner Chapman) and his best friend Swifty (Shaun Thomas). Excluded from school and outsiders in their own neighborhood, the two boys meet Kitten (Sean Gilder), a local scrap dealer. Wandering their town with just a horse and a cart, they begin collecting scrap metal for him. Swifty has a natural gift with horses while Arbor emulates Kitten – keen to impress him and make some money. However, Kitten favors Swifty, leaving Arbor feeling hurt and excluded, driving a wedge between the boys. As Arbor becomes increasingly greedy and exploitative, tensions build, leading to a tragic event that transforms them all.


Conner Chapman
Elliott Tittensor
Ian Burfield
Lorraine Ashbourne
Macy Shackleton
Ralph Ineson
Rebecca Manley
Rhys Mccoy
Sean Gilder
Shaun Thomas
Siobhan Finneran
Steve Evets



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