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The Secret

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92 Minutes


In the spirit of Ghost and Birth, Hannah and Benjamin (Lili Taylor, Six Feet Under and David Duchovny, The X-Files) are a happily married couple whose love is tested in ways they never could have imagined in this touching supernatural drama. But when Hannah is killed in a car accident, the couple's strong bond may be responsible for an unusual twist of fate that keeps their love alive -- at the expense of their daughter (Olivia Thirlby, Juno).


Abeille Gélinas
Alejandro Cuello
Allan Yuk-Lun Chou
Andrea Sadler
Ashley Springer
Babs Chula
Bill Rowat
Brandon Blue
Brendan Sexton Iii
Bruce Mckenzie
Bruce Ramsay
Carl Crevier
Catherine Colvey
Corey Sevier
Cory Fantie
Dale Stuart Skinner
David Duchovny
Dawn Ford
Frank Fontaine
Henryk Vsakowski
Jane Wheeler
Jay Brazeau
Joanna Noyes
Julian Tassielli
Kathleen Mackey
Kristina Pimenova
Laurence Leboeuf
Li Li
Lili Taylor
Linda Plamondon
Lois Dellar
Lucinda Davis
Lynne Adams
Macha Grenon
Mariah Inger
Mel Downey
Millie Tresierra
Nick Kellis
Nicole Braber
Olivia Thirlby
Peter Macneill
Renee Madeline Le Guerrier
Robert Higden
Russell Yuen
Ryan Tilson
Steven Crowder
Susan Glover
Suzanna Lenir
Trent Pardy
Trisha Lafache
Tristan Lalla
Una Kay



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