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The Secret of the Grain

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151 Minutes


An old shipyard worker dreams of opening his own restaurant, a fantasy made even more remote by the fact that he makes very little money and considers himself a failure to begin with. That doesn't keep him from dreaming and talking, mostly to his family, who slowly draw together around the plan, which becomes a symbolic quest for a better life.


Abdelhamid Aktouche
Abelkader Djeloulli
Alice Houri
Bouraouïa Marzouk
Bruno Lochet
Cyril Favre
Farida Benkhetache
Habib Boufares
Hafsia Herzi
Hatika Karaoui
Henri Cohen
Leila D'Issernio
Mohamed Benabdeslem
Mohamed Karaoui
Olivier Loustau
Sabrina Ouazani
Sami Zitouni
Violaine De Carne



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