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The Red Danube

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118 Minutes


Janet Leigh and Peter Lawford star as lovers trapped on either side of the newly fallen Iron Curtain, a man and a woman stranded on opposite sides of The Red Danube. Post World War II Vienna. In a city that now lies across the river from Soviet-controlled Eastern Europe, British Major John McPhimister (Lawford) works to repatriate war refugees – to reunite families but also to sometimes force displaced people back to their native countries against their will. Now, he falls in love with beautiful ballet dancer Maria Buhlen (Leigh) who is desperately trying to flee Eastern Europe. Bound by duty, honor, and love, will these two find a future together? The Red Danube also features Angela Lansbury as a proud military woman who stands her ground against sexist male colleagues.


Alan Napier
Angela Lansbury
Ethel Barrymore
Francis L. Sullivan
Janet Leigh
Janine Perreau
Kasia Orzazewski
Konstantin Shayne
Louis Calhern
Margo Von Leu
Melville Cooper
Peter Lawford
Robert Coote
Roman Toporow
Tamara Shayne
Victor Wood
Walter Pidgeon



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