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The Ranger and the Lady

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While Sam Houston is in Washington in an attempt to have Texas annexted into the United States, the Republic of Texas is left in the hands of General Augustus LaRue (Brandon). However, General LaRue quickly becomes more of a dictator, levying an enormous tax on all those who travel on the Santa Fe Trail, and ordering his army to enforce the new law, headed by Texas Ranger Captain Roy Colt (Rogers) and Seargeant Gabby Whittaker (Hayes). Roy and Gabby don't approve of the law, and along with the wagon train owners, including heroine Jane Tabor (Bishop), decide to revolt and force their way throught the trail. Roy and Gabby work together to overthrow LaRue by exposing his murdering and treacherous past.


Al Haskell
Al Taylor
Art Dillard
Bill Nestell
Bud Mcclure
Chick Hannan
Chief Many Treaties
Chuck Baldra
Davison Clark
Fred Burns
George 'Gabby' Hayes
Harry Woods
Henry Brandon
Henry Wills
Herman Hack
Julie Bishop
Leroy Mason
Lloyd Ingraham
Neal Hart
Noble Johnson
Roy Bucko
Roy Rogers
Si Jenks
Spade Cooley
Ted Mapes
Ted Wells
Tom London
Vester Pegg
Victor Cox
Yakima Canutt



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